R.I.P. Logmein

I have been using an incredible remote access product called Logmein for 9-10 years...for free. I can't stress enough what a great product it was. It saved me so much time, driving/vehicle miles, gas cost, and the overall stress of having to travel across town to do a simple troubleshooting procedure on a customer's computer. I was also able to leave my own computer at home and access anything I needed from wherever I happened to be. Once mobile devices and mobile Internet access became available, Logmein gave us an app to access machines remotely...and it was super fast.

The LED Appeal

Why are LED's so cool? I see them everywhere nowadays: traffic lights, streetlights, automobile lighting, interior lighting, flashlights, Christmas lights, TV backlights, theater/production lighting, etc.

Google Chromecast Review *UPDATED*

After using my Chromecast for a month or so, and hearing reviews from a friend who has also been using one, the verdict is in: it's a hit.

Simply put, the $35 price-point and the capabilities right out of the box make the device immediately worth it. I rarely experience any issues and the quality is perfect 1080p HDMI. I have "casted" Netflix movies and a Google Play song, but mostly use it to view YouTube content. The ability to control the Chromecast from any network-connected device is a huge deal and makes it very easy use.

Google Chromecast

A couple of weeks ago, Google surprisingly released a new device at a product announcement that was supposed to be dominated by the new Nexus 7 tablet. Toward the end of the launch event, the presenter held up a very small 2" stick, similar to a USB flash drive. With that simple act, the future of home TV watching was drastically changed.

America's Data Speed Problem

How do you think the United States ranks in terms of cellular data speeds, particularly on LTE connections? The results of various studies have us ranked anywhere from 8th to 15th. Ahead of us are countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and even Canada.


I hear a lot of talk today about the Bring Your Own Device phenomenon, both from clients and in the many articles/blogs I regularly read. The BYOD idea is exactly as it sounds: Customers bring their own devices to the office and are able to exclusively use them for their daily job. As with any new craze, there is both good and bad.

Windows Tablet

I decided yesterday that my next computer purchase will be a Windows-based tablet. I also decided that it will most likely be the 2nd generation Microsoft Surface.

The Surface has everything I need in order to replace my laptop: processing power, memory, 1080p screen, USB port, HDMI output (to an external monitor), Windows 8 Pro, Office, and more.

HTC One Review

I have been using my HTC One for just over 3 weeks now and I love it. I will keep my review very simple:

- Beautiful design/materials
- Screen is incredible (retina display...what's that?)
- Fast/fluid/easy to use
- Advertised Features: LTE, camera, speakers, call clarity

- Blinkfeed (live news/data feature): Can't be removed from a homescreen
- Battery: Doesn't seem any better than other smartphones
- Android version: Not the latest, hopefully will get an update soon

Raspberry Pi

Did you know there is a fully functional computer that is the size of a credit card? Did you know that this computer only costs $35? I had to find out for myself, so I ordered my very own Raspberry Pi.

It runs on Linux OS and has 512mb memory, an Ethernet port, HDMI port, 2 USB ports, and audio out. Data storage is accomplished on a standard SD card which simply inserts into a slot on the board.

I plan on using my Pi as a media PC, in order to watch online media through my home network. I will let you know how it works once everything is configured.


I have been using my HTC EVO 3D phone for nearly 2 years and in cellular phone years, it has reached the end of its life. I am a huge HTC fan and this phone has been one of the best I have ever owned, but it’s time to move on to the latest and greatest.