The LED Appeal

Why are LED's so cool? I see them everywhere nowadays: traffic lights, streetlights, automobile lighting, interior lighting, flashlights, Christmas lights, TV backlights, theater/production lighting, etc.

I remember even just a few Christmas seasons ago, LED holiday lights made up about 10-15% of the stock at Target. In this year's seasonal department, I would estimate the stock is now 80% LED. Other examples include MDOT continuing to replace traditional mercury streetlights with LED models on major freeways and busy streets around the state, more vehicles utilizing LED taillights and daytime running lamps, and hallway lighting at church being switched from incandescent flood bulbs to LED.

Even though the price of LED lighting has not decreased very much, the popularity has continued to go up. There are many reasons for this: the overall look, the instant-on-instant-off ability, the beautiful bright colors, the ability to create millions of color combinations, the efficiency/low cost of operation, energy credits, the extremely long lasting diodes (bulbs), and the success of marketing programs.

I personally love everything about LED lighting and am excited to see where the industry will go next.