R.I.P. Logmein

I have been using an incredible remote access product called Logmein for 9-10 years...for free. I can't stress enough what a great product it was. It saved me so much time, driving/vehicle miles, gas cost, and the overall stress of having to travel across town to do a simple troubleshooting procedure on a customer's computer. I was also able to leave my own computer at home and access anything I needed from wherever I happened to be. Once mobile devices and mobile Internet access became available, Logmein gave us an app to access machines remotely...and it was super fast.

With no limit or end in sight, I told everyone I knew about it. I bet I recommended it to 50 people over the years. I even had one of my clients pay a large amount of money and go on a paid account just to get the additional features that were not available under the free version. At one point, I probably had 40+ machines connected under my own account.

Then, a few months ago, Logmein sent an email saying they were going to limit free accounts to no more than 10 computers. To me, this was obviously a sign of the end. So, to get around it, I just split up my users under different email accounts that I had. It was a lot of work, as I had to manually visit each connected computer and switch the account, but it was worth it to keep them free and continue to use such a great product.

Fast forward to January 21 and an email that unexpectantly showed up in my inbox. It basically said this:

"Effective today, 1/21, Logmein no longer offers a free product. You have 7 days to convert your free computers over to a paid account before you will no longer have access to them. Oh, and to thank you for being such a great customer for the past 10 YEARS, we will give you 50% off our very high subscription prices for your first year of service. Thanks for being a loyal Logmein customer."

How devastating. So after 10 years of doing business and all of the dependency I have built on being able to use this product, I have 7 days to convert my clients over to something else. That does not seem right in any way. I looked online and on Twitter and found that no one seemed very happy...imagine that. Even the customers who paid subscriptions didn't seem happy. Also, the Logmein app was never free, even if you had free computers attached to it...so this basically renders the app useless, too. People who paid for the app in order to attach their computers to it were asking for refunds. What a mess and rightfully so.

I am going to convert my accounts over to Teamviewer, which a lot of corporations and tech support departments use to remote support software. They appear to offer a good free product and my testing has gone very well so far.

R.I.P. Logmein. I appreciate you offering me such a great free product for so many years, but I do not appreciate your decision on ending our relationship in such a poor way. I wish I could offer you good luck on your future, but I just can't.